Posted by: Brian | January 18, 2008

75+ IMG on Twitter Can’t Be Wrong

So somewhere around 7 am this morning I woke up, sat down at the laptop, and started checking my emails, twitter, blog, facebook, etc – you get the idea. Buried in the updates was one tweet about a blog post from Marketing Pilgrim titled:

75+ Internet Marketing Gurus on Twitter

But as today progresses, what will be more important than the list itself is watching how it proliferates with the potential to be the spark that kicks Twitter into the mainstream.

Think I’m making a stretch? Just after noon today, around 12:20, the post received its 151st comment. And by comment I mean another Twitterer adding his or her name to the list of people who want to be known and associated with what we know is a new media tool that has far reaching potential for online marketing. In the same amount of time its received 98 diggs – and who knows how many tweets?

The point isn’t this post by itself. The point is that there seems to be a large number of online opinion influencers lying in wait, who all seem to know that Twitter will = $. The question isn’t whether the business savvy should be on Twitter, but how they can get more people to follow them. But even more important, that they need to be on Twitter to find out what the next Twitter will be.

I play around with a lot of apps. I get disappointed with a lot of apps. I continue to play around with more apps. Then I talk to my friends about this or that app that I think is kinda interesting. But every once in a while, after all of this, I recommend to a client that they implement an app into their business strategy.

Today thats Twitter. Tomorrow, who knows – let me check my tweets… But for now, lets keep checking back on 75+ Internet Marketing Gurus to seek where it goes.


While you’re waiting you should also check this out over at jess3 if you haven’t already – hilarious.



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