Posted by: Brian | January 20, 2008

update: 200 is the new 75 (read: i’m conceded)

Returning to the final thoughts on my previous post on the 75 IMG lying in twait on twitter: “lets keep checking back on 75+ Internet Marketing Gurus to seek where it goes,” the list has grown from the original 75 to 200 and still attracting comments. And yes, is on the list (snoogans).


“Seocracy has taken our list and created a tool to help you quickly add all Twitter feeds–those above, and those in the comments–to your list of those you follow.”

(more below the fold)

Def check it out herevery nice. Seocracy’s tool currently has a list count of 339 currently. But as Brian Chappell’s list continues to grow, what does it all mean Brian (besides me being right)? Well I’ll tell you. First of all it means I’m right. Second, it shows that the impending shifting marketing/business focus to “Gabe and Max’s Internet Thing” from traditional media a la [SPOILER ALERT!] tonight’s episode of The Wire has actually already occurred (and yes that was Kids in the Hall).

How long offline has been dead and didn’t know it I’m not quite sure, but I don’t want to write a post about how the internets are the future because thats been beat to death too. The point is that here is direct evidence of business hungry people actively attempting to innovate via tweets.

But like I said before, Twitter isn’t the crux, it’s today’s case study. Hell, yesterday the DC Cloverfield Meet/Twit Up saved me from seeing a movie that I will now wait to come out on DVD if I even see at all. But what if a strategic new media firm were on Twitter messaging on behalf a movie studio client about how great it was? I think the ROI would be ridiculous today and furthermore – necessary tomorrow.

So I’ll leave you with a quote. Its like what Margaret Thatcher always says: “Innovate or die bitches.” You can’t argue with advice like that, but you can apparently either kill future Cloverfield monsters with tweets or make more money with tweets/(insert your new media app here). Samuel L. Jackson, if you’re reading nice job with Snakes On A Plane. Batman: The Dark Knight is doing some cool stuff but have your people call my people, we’ll grab a beer, and hook it up for Snakes On A Boat.

(fyi – the title of the post is a malapropism and intentional so don’t try to correct me – and you should know that malapropism is my favorite word. so there. mal a pro pism)



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