Posted by: Brian | April 7, 2009

Arlington GOP Chairman 1 of 18 Voting to Keep Frederick

Now this is great – the Sun Gazette reports today that Mark Kelly (on twitter here), the Chairman of the Arlington GOP, was one of the 18 members of the 75 member GOP State Central Committee who thought it would be a great idea to keep Jeff Frederick as head of the VA GOP. From the Gazette:

“For me, it was a matter of examining the facts and evidence in a fair hearing,” Kelly said. “After dedicating countless hours in the last 30 days of listening to all points of view, reading all the evidence, as well as hearing all the facts and arguments presented at the [April 3] meeting, I did not believe the proponents met a sufficient standard to remove a duly elected chairman.”

I absolutely agree with Mark, and the Angry Potato, and – I even signed the petition. But unfortunately 57 other members disagreed, leaving the field open for some other great surprise alternatives.

But don’t worry – Frederick May run again next month! Thats right, last night’s Olberman’s Best/Worst Person in the World isn’t done yet…

Rachel Maddow also sums up the voting nicely:


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