Posted by: Brian | August 27, 2008

Inventing Dissent

The inside story from Denver is this – traditional media types desperate for division in the Democratic Party continue to ask and pester convention-goers on whether or not there is still division after Clinton’s speech last night. The fact is that Democrats here are pretty much universally happy with her remarks and believe she did what she needed to do in order to get her PUMA’s on board. The controversy is that the media isn’t ready to let the story go – and the right online is more than happy to support this fallacy and not just try to give it legs, but it on stilts.

Ask the Hillary supporters here and they will tell you they loved her speech and that she did exactly what she needed to. Ask Bill Kristol and he’ll tell you it was, “A shockingly bland endorsement of Barack Obama.” And then the reports in Denver just ask, ask, ask.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, after last night Democrats are ready to move on – and now apparently it is the pundits, not PUMAs, who aren’t.



  1. heart you Brian! spot on assessment! so jealous… wish I was there too!

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