Posted by: Brian | August 26, 2008

C-SPAN Cheered by The Big Tent Bloggers

Apparently last night’s coverage on MSNBC was not up to snuff for all the bloggers here at The Big Tent in Denver. According to Brian Leubitz of Calitics, MSNBC’s decision to run with talking heads over the actual speeches Monday night in the Pepsi Center was not what the bloggers wanted to see and was met with “outrage”:

Jim Leach, a 30 year Republican Congressman from Iowa, just spoke at the Convention. While, I’m outside the Pepsi Center at the Big Tent, there was a little bit of outrage that MSNBC didn’t bother to play the speech.”

Result? The Big Tent, mid Leach speech, switched over to C-SPAN coverage and was met with roaring approval by the bloggers. But I think Lucas O’Conner, also of Calitics, with the final work sums up the sentiment best sharing:

“Jim Leach’s speech was one of the most important of the evening. Most of the traditional media talked over it and has mostly ignored it since. Thank goodness C-SPAN was willing to give it the time and attention it merits so we in the Big Tent weren’t stuck listening to Chris Matthews.”


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