Posted by: Brian | June 4, 2008

put on the playlist: kleerup

another european i know we will be hearing here in the US a lot more about in the near future is the swedish producer/solo act kleerup. recently kleerup produced the song “lay me down” on cyndi lauper’s recent album, but his new 08 self-titled album will be what gets him the most attention.

he’s got a smooth electric-pop sound, but what really stands out are his collaborators. first up was his UK hit “with every heartbeat” with robyn (video below) from her 05 album – its catchy and was remixed to death last year.

personally i got really interested in kleerup after i heard his collaboration with lykke li titled “until we bleed.” its an awesome song builds on his strengths in writing catchy pop/electronic and her soft and engaging vocals. there is a small clip of a live performance below which is money – if anyone finds a full clip of the show please let me know – otherwise the full song is below as well. there’s also a really good cut down cello remix of the song that is also definitely worth finding.

another tune worth checking, his song “longing for lullibyes” with fellow swedish singer titiyo that is also really good. on it he also takes advantage of another talented female vocalist on top of his songwriting skills. all three are below:

kleerup & lykke li – until we bleed live, (full song and other 2 vids below the fold)

kleerup & robyn – with every heartbeat

kleerup & tityo – longing for lullibyes

kleerup & lykke li – until we bleed



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