Posted by: Brian | May 16, 2008

Put on the Playlist: Video: Coldplay – Violet Hill

i don’t think this is an officially release, so i’m not sure how long it will stay up. if it does get taken down, the easiest way to find it will be to just go to youtube and search for coldplay + “violet hill” and sort by date added, because i’m sure it will put up again by some one else real quick.

anyway, here’s the video

now, don’t get me wrong – i love the song, but this video is kinda ridiculous. first of all – wtf is Chris Martin doing with the magnifying glass and the hammer? also, the band headbanging around a piano then dancing in a circle on top of a hill to the beat of the drum? i guess if you’re into The Postman meets Les Misérables this one’s right up your alley. but altogether its entertaining, especially martin playing around in the snow at the end and i’m glad they’re not taking the whole revolutionary theme thing too far.
also, in cased you missed it, there is also a sort of preview clip that was put out a couple days ago too which i’m sure won’t be taken down.


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