Posted by: Brian | May 7, 2008

Tonight – The Teenagers @ Black Cat

The Teenagers tonight at the Black Cat should be a money show. I’ve put up a few posts about them because I think they’re hilarious. Their satiric lyrics and jocular style convinces me that these guys know how to have a good time – just check out their flickr pics.

Anyway – show. tonight. teenagers. team robespierre. the cat.

Be sure to check the following mp3 from their album Reality Check:

The Teenagers – Sunset Beach

Also, The Music Slut has a review of their monday night show up in NYC @ the bowery ballroom:

The last time I caught The Teenagers and their brilliant salacious tomfoolery was on a chilly January evening at NYC’s Mercury Lounge. Since that gig – their 2nd ever in the US – the French trio has expanded their sound (via use of additional on-stage musicians), perfected their odd-yet-delightful dance moves and gained a new legion of fans singing along to every naughty lyric. Opening the 45-minute set with ‘Feeling Better’ and concluding on ‘Sunset Beach’, The Teenagers warmed their place in my heart once again.”

Be sure to check out the rest of the post for pics and an mp3 of ‘III.’


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