Posted by: Brian | April 24, 2008

And ye shall know the Wikipedia, and the Wikipedia shall make you free.

The news is a little old, but I still think its interesting and worth noting. Reuters reported April 5th that:

“Chinese authorities appeared to have lifted a block on the English-language version of online encyclopedia Wikipedia, but politically sensitive topics such as Tibet and Tiananmen Square are still off limits. Internet users in Beijing and Shanghai confirmed on Saturday that they could access the English-language version of one of the world’s most popular websites, but the Chinese language version was still restricted.

Its not much, but the next time you are editing the Wikipedia entry on Zocchihedra (a 100 die in case you didn’t already know – and yes there really is an entry) you too can feel like you’re doing your part to continue Kissinger’s legacy. Kinda.



  1. Every step helps. I am sure the chinese wikipedia will be allowed back for viewing pleasure. Maybe a heavily ‘modified’ and ‘chinese government’ friendly version..

    Anyhow…. 100 Sided die!!!! Jesus! I laughed at the 6 sided and 10 sided dies from dungeon and dragons board games haha, kind reminds me of those massive rubix cubes!

    Cheers dude!

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