Posted by: Brian | April 7, 2008 Incorporates Twitter

Just happen to notice this morning, as I was scanning the music blogs and checking out Sebastien Tellier‘s new video for Divine over at my favorite music blog aggregator, that they have now incorporated Twitter into their website. Previously I’ve noticed that they’ve utilized social networking sites such as with their Facebook Fan page, but this is the first Twitter instance I’ve seen in the indie music blog scene – that I happen to frequent.

The new new media feature allows you to shout out a tweet that shares with your followers the link to the music video you are currently watching on Its an interesting and simple way for them to help spread interest in their site.’ format, since I’ve been visiting it, has always been very straightforward and easy to use which is essential in my opinion for establishing a base of repeat visitors. So, you can see on the pic below the small link circled in red (and a quick shot of Sebastien doing his thing), that though its not a lot of frills, its pretty streamlined (more below the fold):

(click to enlarge)

Clicking on it brings up a small pop-up twitter window:

Its a pretty neat little feature, and the type that lets you know a site is actually trying to be innovative and continuously working to improve their product. I definitely recommend checking out the rest of the features that has to offer. They are particularly good at helping you find out all the latest news and music for you indie music lovers out there.



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  2. Cool site, love the info.

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