Posted by: Brian | April 1, 2008

Kanye Launches His Own Online Travel Website

In other Kanye news today – it appears Kanye West has launched his own online travel website: Kanye Travel Ventures or soon to be known as KTV.

(click to check it out)

Via Aceshowbiz:

The company, owned by the rapper’s West Brands, LLC, reportedly is formed to serve business and leisure travel demands for Kanye’s fans. It offers fans the chance to purchase concert tickets for his performances along with ‘other performance-related merchandise and events’.

Kanye is said to have brought in travel consultants to design programs to create and manage a cost effective travel experience for his loyal fans. KTV ‘has been designed with Kanye and his executive team, and his energy and resources have been devoted to this innovative product offering,’ travel consultant Neil Abrams said in a statement.

‘By securing industry expertise, partnering with global reservations systems, and negotiating high-volume discounts with air, lodging and ground transportation suppliers at varied price points, West Brands has assured that the KTV travel experience will reflect Kanye’s style and approach to living,’ Abrams added further.”




  1. Wow, not too sure what to think about this one. Obviously for the fatter wallet-ed traveler

  2. Extremely good information and I love your mind-set towards boosting standards. Thanks for putting this particular info up. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for. Continue blogging. Looking towards reading your next post.

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