Posted by: Brian | March 25, 2008

Metro’s “Peeps in the Park” – Viewer Reaction

Metro put out a new YouTube last week promoting taking the rail over driving to the upcoming Nats games. Interesting, they went with a low budget gimmick for the video that has sparked mixed reaction from viewers. Viewers have ranged from voicing praise for the video (“I like the part where the bunny is riding on the car and he’s spinning around in the parking lot…then he falls! lol”), using it as a chance to share normal cricisms (“When I saw the working escalator, I knew the video wasn’t real”), to sarcastic (“Those rabbits aren’t following the stand on the right rule. GRRR. Are they from Maryland?”).

But critics on the other hand seem to be universally impressed with the video. From the DCist:

“The real genius of the spot is that Metro clearly spent in total about $8 and 90 minutes with a MacBook throwing it together. At least no one can accuse them of overspending in this worsening economy.”

And even why i hate dc had this to say:

“I just wanted to offer a temporary olive branch to the good people at Metro. DCist just posted this Metro ad up and called it “the worst, and somehow at the same time the absolute greatest, Metro ad campaign we’ve ever run across.” I vote for greatest. This is fantastic. And, yes, I am that easily won over.”

From Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts at the WaPo’s Reliable Source label it “Metro’s so-bad-it’s-good Peeps video!” and share:

“Production values? Somewhere between a late-night PSA and those old ‘Oh, no! Mr. Bill’ skits on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Target audience? Teens and college students. And how much did this cost taxpayers? Six boxes of Peeps — the PR staff already had video equipment, borrowed the remote toy car, and did the voices themselves.

Farbstein saw the finished product early this week, just before it was posted on YouTube and the WMATA site. ‘This is pretty stupid, which is what makes it funny,’ she said.”

More below the fold:

My thoughts? Well, I do think it is entirely possible that Metro screwed up their budget so bad that this was all they could afford (they didn’t have to pay for equipment since it was already lying around), but I’ll say nice effort anyway. Being a diabetic I’m not huge into peeps myself, but I did find it amusing watching one on top of a toy car driving around.

Unfortunately, after living in the DC area for 21 years I still think the parking situation is going to be ridiculous – at least when the season first starts, and the city will make a killing out of parking tickets. But without any further adieu, here is the video so you can judge for yourself (read on after video for continued rant about Metro if interested*):

*(Metro Rant: IMO – Washington DC’s Metro system is almost as terrible as its school system. It closes before bars close which is almost the same as encouraging people to drive after they’ve been drinking – if you didn’t want people to drink and drive you would keep your public transportation open so they would have the option. Additionally, it is ridiculous that they should run out of money and continuously raise rates when they have virtually unlimited advertisement space. If Metro would stop buying flat screen TVs and start putting up more ads on its dirty gray walls I think they wouldn’t have to keep reducing the number of trains on the weekend and uping the costs… Ok, I’m done.)



  1. Gee, who in their right mind is still drinking alcohol past midnight? Pshaw.

    As someone who lives just a few blocks from the new stadium, I’m pretty interested in how the parking/Metro situation plays out. I think it’s going to be a hot mess.

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