Posted by: Brian | March 21, 2008

Free Soren Dayton/Lesson Learned

To start things off, Jess3 was absolutely brilliant yesterday with this idea over on the right:

In case you missed all the buzz about Soren Dayton’s suspension from the McCain Campaign you can catch up with Blog PI’s insightful post on the issue from yesterday. The conservative blogger’s problem, as a result of a Tweet, poses interesting questions as to future effects of Twitter on this election and whether users will be more guarded as it moves forward (despite the current new media mentality that faster and more open = better).

But the issue is actually a much bigger deal than you might think – just check out the blogged buzz on Memeorandum at 10:45 last night – you can click on the image to find all the links shown (continued below the fold):

(click to enlarge)

And in truth is its really not a partisan issue despite the unavoidable political spin. The suspension is a sign of the overly sensitive nature of the current campaigns and established media’s inability to keep up with the culture of new media. But never fear – new media does not abandon its own. In addition to a ton of post defending him, yesterday a Facebook group was started in support of Soren (and yes I joined):

The group at this time has over 80 members, and many of them are very well know members of the blogosphere – like Erick Erickson, Rob Bluey, and Patrick Ruffini to name a few (you may remember them from this amazing picture…). But let me be clear, while I am a Democrat and do not politically align myself with Dayton or the majority of the members of the Facebook group – I do agree with them that he should not have been suspended. In fact I think that all of the campaigns these days are too quick to let people go in general.

It is a sad state of affairs, and one that definitely warrants t-shirt status – far more than Paris anyway:

But for the time being those of us in new media have to keep in mind that Twitter is the new Youtube, which was the new blogging, which was the new leaked email, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah… – Ezra Klien can also attest to this.

So in that line of thought what is the next new media format after Twitter for the next story? (because this trend just isn’t going going anywhere) Well, the point is that the format doesn’t matter – new media changes but established media will still crave the same old gotcha style stories. The question really is whether or not campaigns will stick up for their people and not continued to be pushed around.

Unfortunately I don’t see that happening – so we might as well have as much fun with this as we can I guess.

With Free Soren Dayton t-shirts, he can join the ranks of greats such as Lil Kim, OJ, and previously mentioned Paris…

So, congrats Soren – kinda – and this one goes out to you (this also being a music blog and all):



  1. Wasn’t the clip unjustifiably suggestive? Are you suggesting campaigns make unjustified inferences about the opposition? Perhaps suggesting Obama hates America is more important than the medium.

  2. Actually you’re right, we should write blogs, create facebook groups, and complain in general about the firing of anyone as long as they use “new media”.

  3. Client 9 – I didn’t care that Samantha Power called Hillary a monster and I see the same thing happening with Soren Dayton. Do I hold candidates accountable for every action or statement made by every person associated with their campaign? Absolutely not.

    Am I more likely to write a blog post about someone who I think is being treated unfairly because they are in a similar line of work? That may be true, because I probably know more about it. But would I say it was ok for politicians to accept donations from terrorists just because they used a new online donation application? Absolutely not as well.

  4. A gaffe and a youtube clip are completely different. Not only was the clip offensive in its implication that Obama believes in Wright’s comments, but it is politically stupid as well. Producing the clip makes the McCain camp to look opportunistic, when obviously the scandal was taking its toll on Obama. In short, the kid should be fired because he’s dumb and bad at politics.

  5. If being dumb and bad a politics was a justification for people to be fired there would be a lot less people it in – and I’m not saying he was. Additionally – stating that the McCain camp produced it is completely inaccurate when it came from his personal Twitter account and nothing officially linked to the campaign. And that is pretty much my point – campaigns shouldn’t be so scared of the media that they immediately suspend people.

    Again, all Soren did was say “Good video on Obama and Wright” and share the link on twitter – thats a far cry from the McCain camp doing anything – let alone anything that would warrant suspension.

  6. With media that is a difference without a distinction. He worked for McCain and clumsily picked up something that should be left alone (politically). He put the camp at risk and should have known better. Any once-a-4-year phone banker would know that.

  7. And it was not a good video. It was BS.

  8. How dare you say that about Alicia Keys

  9. […] new blogging, which was the new leaked email, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah… “, écrit Brian Devine. Les premiers à constater que cette affaire fait beaucoup de bruit pour rien – principalement des […]

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