Posted by: Brian | March 10, 2008

Put On The Playlist: The Teenagers

A Put on the Playlist for The Teenagers has been long overdue. I’ve talked about them previously a couple times and with their new album Reality Check coming out at the end of last month – they’ve been on pretty much everyone’s radar.

The trio (quentin, dorian, and michael) originally from Paris – but now based in London I believe – have propensity for a speaking verse/singing chorus style and are very appropriately named due to their always lustful lyrics and very simple indie sound. The Teenagers‘ sound caused them to be remixed to death last year (and probably a million more to follow), but their style is very likely to lead them to take over the Arctic Monkeys‘ crowd – especially if Alex Turner gets serious about The Last Shadow Puppets.

I love them because I’m sure a lot of people’s first impression of them is that they are full of themselves – which is probably true but I am also so its money. Their lyrics are catchy in an offensive and blase type of way, which leads me to believe they know how to have a good time off the stage too. I really can’t wait to see where these guys go from here.

They’ll be in DC on their second tour in the US at the Black Cat on May 7 – and of courese I’ll be there. If you’re cool you will be there too, or not – at least I think thats what they’d have to say about it.

But without any further adieu – here are a couple money mp3s courtesy of the awesome guys over at Merok Records:

The Teenagers – Homecoming
The Teenagers – Love No
The Teenagers – French Kiss



  1. […] Teenagers tonight at the Black Cat should be a money show. I’ve put up a few posts about them because I think they’re hilarious. Their satiric lyrics and jocular style […]

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