Posted by: Brian | March 10, 2008

Black and White Jacksons, Lode Runner, and Jon Eick at the Velvet Lounge – You Had To Be There

(Warning – crappy camera-phone pics below)

Sorry for taking so long – but with the Politics Online conference (post coming) and all – last week was crazy. But Friday before last – The Velvet Lounge was where it was at. Decked out in balloons, streamers, and a Happy Birthday banner for the Black and White Jacksons’ CD release – the upstairs room had the perfect balance of good-sized crowd and room-to-still-move at the U St. venue.

Warming the night up down on U Street was stand up comedian Jon Eick (also know for his hilarious food blog So Good). With jokes ranging from food humor to meth labs to Back to the Future (money) Eick really got the rock venue going. More intimate than the DC Improv, the Velvet Lounge offered a different but ultimately sound setting for the stand up.

Following Eick was Lode Runner who seems to have played at the Velvet Lounge quite a few times recently. Getting the scene into rock mode the band clearly has quite a few influences and a range of sounds to them. Honestly, I didn’t get a chance to listen to them as much as I wanted to, but from what I heard they were a great opening act and the crowd was really into it.

The Black & White Jacksons did not disappoint for the CD release. To say the DC indie band was full of energy would be an understatement. The band members bounce about the stage while belting out their tunes – and then they bounced out into the rest of the room. Led by front man Michael Medlock, the band was just at home in the center of the crowd as they were at center stage – and the crowd really got into it. Guitarist Tim George, bassist/guitarist Lucas Oswalt, and drummer Zach O also help push the show up to 11 with an intensity more accustom to a much larger venue. To sum it up – you had to be there.



  1. nice review. Eick rules. oh, and so do lode runner and B&W jacksons.

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