Posted by: Brian | March 10, 2008

Andrew McMahon: Dear Jack Movie

Andrew McMahon has been one of my favorite artists for years. From his Something Corporate days to his current band Jack’s Mannequin (who had an amazing show at the 9:30 last year) – he’s written songs that are some of my favorites of all time. Konstantine and The Mixed Tape, to name a couple, are two that I’ve either made friends love or sick to death of because I listen to them so much. But there is much more to him than just great music:

“In the spring of 2005 Andrew McMahon and his band Jack’s Mannequin embarked on their first US headlining tour. Before the tour was completed, McMahon paid a visit to his voice doctor in New York City with a list of health concerns. The following morning the results of his blood work landed him in the hospital where he was soon diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. Through the summer of 2005 McMahon underwent two rounds of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and with a stroke of good luck, a stem cell transplant from his sister. Having spent the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 recuperating at home McMahon began playing occasional shows around town as well as short headlining runs in support of Jack’s Mannequin’s first major release, Everything in Transit. In an effort to raise money and awareness for cancer research, Andrew founded the Dear Jack Foundation in July 2006.” Dear Jack Foundation

A documentary titled “Dear Jack” that chronicles his fight will be released sometime this year. It is narrated by his friend Tommy Lee and is directed by Corey Moss and Josh Morrisroe, two former MTV News producers. Be sure to check out the trailer at or watch it here:

More info can be found here at the Dear Jack Foundation.



  1. Any word on the release date

  2. AWWWE(L)(L)

  3. still haven’t heard anything on the release date – if anyone has please share

  4. I was in line for a signing and saw Casper, one of Jack’s managers
    he simply told me “the movie will be out after the album”
    the release date for the album is currently set at September 30th

  5. i’m begininning to think the movie will never come out…

    • It’s def. been a frustrating road, the movie is actually amazing. Unfortunately it’s been caught up in megamoral of studio beauracracy. All I can tell you is that eventually it will come out, and when it does it will touch people in a way that no documentary has touched people.

      I know cause i’ve seen it.

      All the Best, Anonymous

  6. i know – and i’ve emailed asking for dates but have never gotten a response, but i keep trying…

  7. heyy, is this out yet? im a new jacks mannequin fan, and heard about this but i have no confirmation about it being out yet or not.

  8. and if not, can anyone tell me the release date? if its known yet? like, any new info that i might have missed would be helpful…


  10. ah someone please tell me when it will be out!

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