Posted by: Brian | March 3, 2008

Put On the Playlist: A Classic Education

While you may not have heard of A Classic Education yet, they’ve already opened for big bands of the likes of Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire. While existing very much in the vein of the Arcade Fire and The National‘s orchestra style of indie – they have a talent for creating sweeping songs that build and build that drew me in back in the summer of last year when I first heard their Victories at Night. The song instantly made my playlist, even earning itself a coveted spot on a mix CD for my car (unfortunately my car is not mp3 player compatible…). Def download it right now:

A Classic Education – Victories at Night

I’ve really been anxious to hear where A Classic Education was going since I read over on Sixeyes back in June of last year:

“A trio based in Bolgna, Italy, A Classic Education (Jonathan Clancy, Paul Pieretto & Luca Mazzieri) are an extremely young and promising band… Band member Jonathon Clancy (a fellow Canadian) tells me that they’re working on a 7″ and a record and they’ve also been talking to some UK labels.”

More news and mp3s after the fold:

I wrote Jonathan this morning, who writes back –“at the moment we are recording like a debut single” – absolutely money. Additionally, via their website:

“We were productive though during the last months of 2007. We did record a single produced by the great Jeremy Warmsley, two new songs called ‘Best Regards’ & ‘Rest’. Now it’s all a matter of doing the usual talking and convincing..and who knows me might have em out sooner than you blink. Jeez was Jeremy fun, good and great!”

I can’t wait to hear any news of their work as it comes out and when they’re going to be in the US anywhere near DC. For now, be sure to also check out (in addition to Victories at Night) their songs Stay, Son and Lovers Barricade. All three are shared thanks to Jonathan.

A Classic Education – Stay, Son
A Classic Education – Lovers Barricade



  1. You are starting to become my adviser when it comes to the new music scene, branching out is good 🙂

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