Posted by: Brian | February 12, 2008

Put On The Playlist: Sébastien Tellier

(brand-new mp3 alert)

I’m getting crazy excited about Sébastien Tellier‘s upcoming album Sexuality – which is due out on February 25th. This is the French singer/songwriter/music pioneer’s 3rd album and is guaranteed to please, and adding to my excitement is its BBC Review that shares: “this is one for the connoisseurs” and not the mainstream “pop marketplace.” (sweet)

You may remember Sébastien from his amazing 2005 song La Ritournelle (short version) off of his Politics album – if not, stop whatever you are doing and go and buy it immediately (myself – I love the entire 7:34 long version of it, but then again I’m a sucker for long songs.) Intimate and enwrapping – its one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard due to is bare lyrics and the brilliant tapestry woven by the various instruments he builds upon.

More and a mp3 below the fold:

But back to Sexuality. The album, via Record Makers, is being produced by Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo (read: awesome). Its first single, Sexual Sportswear, came out last year and was on solid repeat for quite a while – going in a much more synth-style direction than La Ritournelle but still keeping the flowing fashion and form that is Tellier’s trademark. But what’s brand new is his just released single from the album: Divine (thank you to Steve from Lucky Number Music):

Sébastien Tellier – Divine

Tellier describes the song as (via Discobelle) as: “a tribute to the Beach Boys and the Juicy Fruits (from the 1974 musical Phantom of the Paradise). It’s about a time of innocence – when having fun was more important than picking up girls.” I can see that. Its bright, synthy like Sexual Sportswear, and moves at a good pace – except when he slows it down on purpose most of the way through it for effect, which works by the way. Take a listen – its def worth it.

Thanks again to Steve, and also – here’s a quick technology shout out (this is NM3…), you can join his Facebook Group here.



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