Posted by: Brian | February 8, 2008

Put On The Playlist: Maritime

In October of last year, the indie pop rock Milwaukee based band Maritime released it’s 3rd full length album: Heresy and the Hotel Choir – and the amazing results are this latest edition of Put On The Playlist.

Maritime, who will actually be opening for Jimmy Eat World in Japan during their March tour, have a bright but shy lyric style who’s deceptive surface seems to be more for the high school crowd. Not so. Its poppy, its catchy, and once you dive past the bright and foot-tapping rhythms (which you may not even want to ) of songs like Be Unhappy you find a depth much beyond that. Check it out:

Maritime – Be Unhappy

(more mp3s, news and video below the fold)

But while they have some great slowed down and acoustic songs, like Be Unhappy and I Used To Be A Singer, they really shine with their fun and flowing longs like For Science Fiction and Guns of Navarone. They’re upbeat and have a place in any mix designed to keep you moving. David from Riot Act was kind enough to let me share all these songs with you so def check them out immediately, you won’t be disappointed (thanks David):

Maritime – For Science Fiction

Maritime – Guns of Navarone

Also, be sure to check out the video for Guns of Navarone below – yep, first video hosted on NM3! (also for more background on it you can check out the write up on Pitchfork here)

Also really cool is their cover of Hot Chip‘s Boy From School off the legendary album The Warning that can be found on Maritime’s Limited Edition 7″ of Heresy and the Hotel Choir (or you can download it here, thanks again david):

Maritime – Boy From school (Hot Chip cover)

(hint: Hot Chip‘s new album Made in the Dark is money and maybe the subject of the next PotP…)


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