Posted by: Brian | February 1, 2008

Put On The Playlist: Voxtrot

Voxtrot is a indie pop rock band that in my opinion has been up-and-coming since I heard their ’06 single Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives (available on the band’s website), and definitely since they released their self-titled, first full length album last year.

They are the second Austin, TX based band on my Put On The Playlist series, but more importantly they are the second band from whom that NM3 gets to share a great mp3 (thank you James):

Voxtrot – Kid Gloves.mp3

(more below the fold)

Kid Gloves is a great song that got tons of attention last year from music bloggers all over the place including guys like Information Leafblower and stereogum. Its poppy, catchy, full of hooks, and I love the lyrics too. Although at surface it may seem to cater to a crowd of high school girls, it is decidedly much better than that. Its upbeat nature shades a sophisticated song that shifts and spins faster as it builds towards its end – definitely download it out now if you haven’t already.

Voxtrot has a couple other songs available for free on their website and Myspace page, but if you like Kid Gloves I definitely recommend getting their album because it includes a gems that I really enjoy like Introduction, Steven and Future Pt. 1 amongst many others that are really worth it.

This being a new media blog, I also have to point out that they also have their own Podcast. From Voxtrot:

“We’re happy to announce that we’ve started our own podcast. You can subscribe by clicking on PODCAST at the top of this page), is maintained and run directly by us. Right now, we have all 8 Reaching For The Lasers episodes up, Mirrors, Laugh & Smoke: The Making of “Firecracker” (a 3-part series), official music videos, and a few suprises that we will be adding much more in the following weeks. We have videos, DJ sets, and loads more in the works.”


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