Posted by: Brian | January 29, 2008

Put On The Playlist: Okkervil River

I know its a little late for a best of 2007. Soooo, here’s a best of 2007… And I’ll follow it up with a “I’ve been meaning to write about these guys for a while now.”

Okkervil River is an indie rock band from Austin, TX, led by frontman Will Sheff. The band’s fourth album, The Stage Names, came out last year with a ton of great music on it such as Unless It Kicks and Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe.

But what really shines is the song Plus Ones. (There are some live versions of the song on YouTube, but they’re not as good in my book – the best thing to do is to just go to the Okkervil River website because it has an embedded player that allows you to cycle through some of their songs, its pretty money and I’m doing it right now while I’m typing. Or you could also go to their myspaces…)

(more below the fold)

blogs are for dogs already did a really amazing examination of the tune, which takes lines from a bunch of songs that have numbers in them and adds 1 to them. The song is incredibly well written and immediately catchy – which makes it my favorite song from 07. But definitely read the blogs are for dogs breakdown, its really worth checking out.

I’m a sucker for good lyrics (although, Andrew McMahon currently holds the title for his amazing lyrics in songs like Konstantine [the YouTube is long and sorry for the bad audio – but watch IMMEDIATELY if you’ve never heard this song] from back while he was in Something Corporate and The Mixed Tape in his current band Jack’s Mannequin – great live too). Plus Ones’ lyrics are so good I’m considering covering it the next time I play live even though most people probably don’t have Okkervil River on their radar yet – and even though its capo-ed on the 7th fret which is a little weird getting use to…

Okkervil River is currently on an overseas concert tour, and to be honest, they were in DC last fall at the Rock and Roll Hotel – but they [grrr] sold out before I could get a ticket (read: still bitter). But they’re awesome anyway, and also: If you like what you here they released an album of covers in December called Golden Opportunities that you actually download for free off their website which is really cool:


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