Posted by: Brian | January 21, 2008

Put On The Playlist: Songs About Famous Chicks

Songs about famous chicks can go two ways. One – you sound like the almost creepy nerd from school and she finds it cute (you know like Jennifer Love Hewitt and the dude from Can’t Hardly Wait). Or two – you sound like the almost creepy nerd from school and she finds you to be an almost creepy nerd from school (like Booger).

Back to the music. Because the Teenagers are from Paris (and they like the spoken verse/singing chorus style) I think they are slightly more likely to be the second option with their song Starlett Johanson:

Now, I love me some Scarlett Johansson (damn). She was great in Lost in Translation, and soooo hot in The Island. She seems like a good sport in real life – doing voice for Robot Chicken, SNL, and that cute little cameo in Entourage (and Scarlett, if you ever happen to read this… hi, i Brian… you pretty…).

Blah, anyway, the question is whether the video is creepy or flattering. I like to think that when Scarlett watches it is just like: “eh, not creepy – they’re just french. but when will Brian write me a song…” Or something like that.

(continued below the fold)

On the other hand, there’s the Adam Green method. Not really going with the awkwardly cute nerd approach on Jessica Simpson, and using lines like: ” Your love life precedes you, your son-in-law feeds you, injections of Cortisone,” Adam I guess is going for the shake-up-her-confidence method? It doesn’t really matter because the song is awesome, and so is the video. Its funny, catchy, and has some random girl in it who isn’t Jessica Simpson (or at least the one I’m familiar with). Def watch it now:

Now, I’m a bit partial to the Adam Green song over the Teenagers (but definitely partial to Scarlett over Jessica), and no its not because they’re French. There’s plenty of dope French music out there that I love, from Les Feuilles Mortes to fluo kids I’m all over it. Hell, I might write a song about Eva Green myself*. But what it all comes down to in my book is that in a couple hours from now the song stuck in your head will be Jessica not Starlett Johansson.

Also, while we’re on this subject, notice on 30 Seconds To Mars’ cover of Kanye West’s Stronger they added the “This is for Kate” shout out? (In reference to Kanye’s “you could be my black Kate Moss tonight, Play secretary I’m the boss tonight…” Ok, I’ll stop now. But its nice to hear even Kanye West and Jared Leto can have crushes.

PS. anyone see that Beyonce kicked Kanye’s ass at Connect 4? 9 times out of 10 kids!:

*Eva – not sure what type of music you’re into, but I write in an alternative/blues style with influences from anywhere in between Muddy Waters and new indie rock, so I’m pretty open. But as far as the video goes I’m thinking something along the lines of the Bees’ money video for Listening Man. Call me. (ps – this video is awesome, the BEST from 07)


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