Posted by: Brian | January 19, 2008

Put On The Playlist: Absolutely Necessary New Covers

Every once in a while a cover can rival the creativity of the original song. Here’s 4 (in no particular orders) that have made it into mainstream rotation on my playlist:

The White StripesJolene

Originally written by Dolly Parton, Jolene is a great song about a women begging another woman not to steal her guy from her. Somehow Jack pulls it off amazingly – he sings like he’s telling a story and the fact that he isn’t even a chick doesn’t enter your mind because you’re so engrossed with the song. You can find the track on their Under Blackpool Lights DVD.

Franz FerdinandAll My Friends

I hate to say it, but I actually like this cover than the original by LCD Soundsystem (so sorrySound of Silver is awesome btw). But anyway, back to the song – I literally want to send this song to all my friends, its that good. It builds and builds until it becomes the background of a party – its honestly just like a night with your peeps in song form. You can find the song as B-Side from LCD Soundsystem’s single for the original version. Nice.

(continued below the fold)

30 Seconds to MarsStronger

Yes its a Kanye cover. Don’t ask – just listen. Then you will like it and tell your friends. There’s not much to say about this song except for this: ridiculously awesome. Its ridicsome, or aweculous, or… whatevs – just listen.

The Hourly RadioSay Something

I mentioned this song before in my previous The Hourly Radio postand now I’m mentioning it again. It’s a cooled-down acoustic version of the song originally written by James (check the YouTube here) and was released as a single by them in ’94. The Hourly Radio released this version as a Christmas present to fans back on Dec. 21st 06. The slow down spin that The Hourly Radio puts on this tune really helps to accentuate the emotional lyrics which were already money.

Ok, thats it. Limited myself to just 4 – but if you need a laugh – check out Chris Cornell‘s cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean or Marilyn Manson’s JT cover of What Goes Around Comes Around. Not all covers are a good idea…

(Bad cover…)


  1. and also,

    Ray Lamontagne – Crazy
    the Knife – Heartbeats

  2. Agree. Also – a buddy of mine Dan who’s in a local band ( does a really good acoustic cover of Crazy too, when he does open mic nights by himself. He also does a money cover of Tears for Fears… But today I’m working on covering either Eva Cassidy’s cover of Autumn Leaves or the Arctic Monkey’s cover of Amy Whinehouse’s You Know I’m No Good. Both could be awesome cover covers. I stop now.

  3. […] while we’re on this subject, notice on 30 Seconds To Mars’ cover of Kanye West’s Stronger they added the “This is for Kate” shout out? (In […]

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